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Monitoring of Composting Practices in Selected Rural Areas Near Pucallpa City, Peru


Soils in surroundings of Pucallpa are in general of a low quality for agriculture. One of the promising strategies how to improve soil fertility in this location is implementation of composting technology. This was therefore the aim of our study. Selected farmers have received composting bins within a frame of Czech project “Sustainable Management of NaturalResources in the Peruvian Amazon”. We evaluated the suitability of this low-technology and low-cost composting method in the area under study. The research activities were based on field work with local farmers from villages near Pucallpa city with the intent to analyse organic waste generation and composition, its recycling and reuse, and the overall willingness to manage the composting process. The field operations were carried out along with laboratory analyses. Generally this composting method was well adopted and can be considered as an appropriate instrument for improving soil management in the studied area

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