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Modified clinoptilolite in the removal of iron and manganese from water

It is necessary to treat water intended for drinking purposes in many cases to meet therequirements of the Regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic No. 496/2010 onDrinking Water. There is a tendency to look for technology with new, more efficient andcost-effective materials and technologies. The goal of this study is to compare activatednatural zeolite known as clinoptilolite (rich deposits of clinoptilolite were found in theregion of East Slovakia Region in the 1980s) with the imported Greensand and Cullsorbmaterials in the removal of iron and manganese from water. The results obtained fromexperiments carried out at WTP Kúty prove that Klinopur-Mn is suitable for the removalof iron and manganese from water and is comparable with the imported materials.

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