Introduction: With the rapid expansion of knowledge in medicine, there is a growing need for trainers who understand adult learning principles.

Methods: data from all the Training the Trainers (TTT) workshops, organized throughout a 4 year period, were retrospectively reviewed from questionnaires (which had been completed at the end of each TTT by all the participants).

Results: From March 2008 to the end of 2011, 24 TTT workshops have been organized: 19 basic, 3 advanced and 2 extra organized for specialists in cardiosurgery / anaesthesiologists and rehabilitation specialists. There were 160 participants, specialists from 28 various fields of medicine. Everyone completed a questionnaire and all but one gave positive feedback after the TTT as they effectively learned some new aspects of the adult teaching process. Discussion: Most participants during the TTT became aware that they lack an appropriate training background. The importance of assessment tools, feedback information and the evaluation of the learning process were considered very important by the majority of the participants. The connection between experience and the learning process requires motivation by the educator, who must be familiar with the use of appropriate learning theories and efficient teaching techniques. At the end of this process, a young specialist is expected to be competent in every field of daily practice as well as in unexpected emergency situations.

Conclusions: After 24 TTT workshops, the great majority of the participants had learned the essential elements of adult education methods and appreciated all the practical tasks in each TTT. Most of them would like to attend a TTT at least every second year.

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