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Ceramic oxide electrolytes based on Ca0.95 Mg0.05 Zr0.98O3 for solid galvanic cells application

The Ca0.95Mg0.05ZrO3 nanopowder was successfully synthesized by the citrate method. The XRD diffraction method evaluated that the orthorombic CaZrO3 phase was detected in powders or sintered samples. The sintered sample at 1450°C for 2 hours exhibits about 98% of theoretical density. The electrical conductivity was measured by a.c impedance spectroscopy method in the temperature range of 200-800°C. The transference oxygen ion number of CaZrO3 sample was estimated from electromotive force measurements (Em) of galvanic cell in the temperature range of 550-1100°C. The Ca0.95Mg0.05ZrO3 exhibits purely oxygen ion conductivity. It was successfully applied as a solid electrolyte in the electrochemical oxygen sensor operating at 660°C. The measured electromotive force of investigated cell was found to be linear with the logarithm of oxygen partial pressure in the range of 10-6 atm 1 atm and in the temperature range of 660-1000°C.

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