Aim: The goal of this research is to improve the educational training process in Physical Education and Sport through the development of agility.

Methods: The research was conducted in two secondary schools in Mures County (Măgherani Secondary School and “Mátyus István” Chibed Secondary School) during February and April 2017 on a class of 32 pupils. Subjects were divided in two groups, the control group and the experiment group. As Agility Testing Methods we used the Compass Drill Test and the Arrowhead Drill Test; both tests are part of “SPARQ” - the acronym for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness.

Results: Our results indicate that by using specific agility development exercises, the results of experiment group have increased significantly (p = 0.0000103) compared to control group. In the latter case we used speed exercise only and therefore the increase of results was insignificant (p = 0.17).

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