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A Comparative Structural Analysis of Four Radiosonde Models


In this study, we first performed a comprehensive structural analysis of four models of radiosondes (devices intended for use as the meteorological probe of a sounding balloon) manufactured by three different companies – Graw, Vaisala and Meteomodem. The radiosondes were disassembled for visual inspection and manual measurement, three-dimensional computed tomography images were taken of their inner structure, and the outer shapes of the radiosondes were scanned with a structured-light three-dimensional scanner. The structural properties of the radiosondes thus identified were then compared to one other, based on which the Meteomodem M10 was ranked as the least harmful in a potential collision. Next, the Meteomodem M10 radiosonde was used in collision tests with a heavy target and with a pumpkin model, in order to evaluate the possible damage caused by and to the radiosonde in different types of collisions.

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