Polish Medical Air Rescue helicopters facilitate the rapid transport of patients to large hospitals. The requirements of the space around the helipad and the safety of flight operations mean that hospitals closer to city centers create more elevated helipads than ground-based helipads. The helipads can vary in the way they are constructed and located - depending on the possibilities offered by hospital buildings and their surroundings.

Vibroacoustics Laboratory of the Institute of Aviation measured the vibration properties of some elevated helipads. The goal of this research was to determine the vibration properties of the helipads itself and the transmission of vibrations to the construction of the helipads, the building and its equipment caused by the landing and taking-off of a helicopter.

This article presents some of the results of measurements of vibrations of steel constructed elevated helipads with the use of a modal hammer and while landing and taking-off of a helicopter, as well as comparison of the vibration properties concerning various elevated concrete helipads.

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