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The health condition of female victims of violence / Zdravje žensk, ki doživljajo nasilje


Introduction: The article addresses one of the most vulnerable social groups - women who have experiencedvarious types of violence. The problem is presented through a discussion of the consequences of violence onwomen’s health. Based on the analysis of the research data, the article proposes measures that should boost healthcare policies in handling violence against women.

Methods: The source of data is the Survey on Violence Against Women in the private sphere and partnershiprelations conducted in 2010. The sample consisted of 3000 women, equally stratified by age, type of neighbourhoodand region. The research was quantitative and the response rate was 25% (n=752), which is an average responserate when researching intimate spheres accompanied by fear, shame or emotional distress.

Results: The results have shown that violence has a powerful and lasting effect on health. In some cases, injurieslead to lasting disability. Psychological and mental disorders are also present, including depression, nightmares,fear, shame, anger, the feeling of threat and distrust. The problems are compounded by a distrust of professionalhelp, which further affects their health condition.

Conclusions: health policies should include training and knowledge of the causes, dynamics and consequencesof violence, so that women could be encouraged to report violence. The first step was made when the relevantrules of procedures were adopted, but the process must continue with the drawing of protocols, the definition of theresponsibility of individual professions within health care and cooperation with other institutions.

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