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Entrepreneurial Awareness and Entrepreneurial Intention: Understanding the Role of Family and School


This study aims to examine the factors that affect entrepreneurial awareness and intention in Junior High School students This research used a quantitative approach with PLS-SEM by considering that the model employed unobserved variables and measured using different scale. This research applied convenience sampling and obtained 97 Junior High School students spread across Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (the Greater Jakarta) as the research samples. Furthermore, this research proved that entrepreneurial awareness and self-efficacy significantly affected entrepreneurial intention. On the other hand, entrepreneurship education, financial knowledge, and entrepreneurship experience did not significantly affect entrepreneurial intention. Meanwhile, entrepreneurial awareness was influenced by financial knowledge. The results proved that financial knowledge mediated the effects of financial socialization on entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurial awareness. Meanwhile, financial knowledge had some effects on entrepreneurial intention through entrepreneurial awareness. The empirical results emphasized the importance of the role of families and schools in building entrepreneurial awareness and intention.