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From Chalcedon back to the Gospels: on the Prosopon of the Hypostasis of Christ


The doctrine of Chalcedon is sometimes criticized for being “static” and “ahistorical”. This article discusses the stimulus that an interesting expression found in the writings of the 6th century author Leontius of Byzantium – “the prosopon of the hypostasis of Christ” – can give to re-narrativising Christology. However important it is to identify the hypostasis in Christ, and explore how this hypostasis can also be human, it is also important to draw attention back to the historical role that this hypostasis plays at the centre of the narrative of salvation found in the gospels. Chalcedonian Christology learned to identify Jesus as the Eternal Son, “one of the Trinity”, but needs also to insist that he has taken on not just a human nature but also the specific prosopon of the Christ within human history.

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