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Under What Conditions Would the Orthodox Engage in the Judeo-Christian Dialogue?


The official dialogue between Churches and Judaism began between the two world wars, in America and then in England and intensified after the Second World War, reaching most Western European countries. The Eastern Churches felt estranged from this dialogue led by the Western Churches, as they have neither the same approach, nor the same history, nor the same texts of reference. This is why the Orthodox Churches wish to enter the dialogue according to their own approach, relying on their own texts, and recontextualizing the Fathers of Church when they speak about Judaism. By basing the dialogue on the origins of the Church, the Orthodox can justify why certain liturgical texts are obsolete and harmful to the Christian conscience. They will also be able to show how their tradition is close to and in continuity with the Jewish tradition. By doing so, they will be sensitive to the rebuilding of the unique people of God, composed of Christians and Jews according to the Epistle to the Ephesians (2.14)

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