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Mixed-Marriages in the Liturgical Catholic Church Tradition


The question of inter-confessional marriages concerns all the Churches and has become much more urgent because of the great mobility of contemporary man. The Christian wedding is seen as a sacrament of Christ by the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, while the Churches born from the Protestant Reformation do not take this sacramental view, although Luther considers the divine blessing on the institution useful. The advantage of a sacramental perspective lies in the fact that the spouses, by virtue of the sacrament of marriage, become capable of “being married” according to the quality of Christ’s paschal love for his Church. In this way, according to the author, other theological perspectives open up, for example the sequela Christi, the idea of the vocation to Christian marriage, the foundation of the bond of indissolubility-fidelity and the foundation of sexual union-fruitfulness.

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