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Intermarriage in the Canonical Tradition of the Orthodox Church

   | Dec 28, 2018


My research tries to re-examine the issue of mixed marriage from the point of view of the Orthodox Canonical Tradition in the broader context of marital and baptismal theology, through an extensive interpretation of the canons of the Orthodox Church regarding intermarriage according to the historical, social, legal, doctrinal, and canonical context of the promulgation of those canons. The interpretation of the canons regarding mixed marriage will try to emphasize the definition of heretical groups in accordance with the baptismal theology and with the manner of reception of heretics into the Orthodox Church that was developed by every Council. In accordance with the Canons of the Council of Laodicea and of the Fourth Ecumenical Council, I will demonstrate that the Church did not stipulate any immediate conversion of the non-Orthodox spouse and the marriage was not grounded on immediate baptism, but on the willingness of the heterodox person to promise and accept Orthodox teachings for a future baptism. In accordance with the interpretation of Canon 72 of the Council of Trullo, I will emphasize that the canonical prohibition of mixed marriage is not a doctrinal one, otherwise the canon would reject any cohabitation between Orthodox and non-Orthodox, but rather it is a pastoral, canonical and disciplinary measurement in order to suppress the spread of heretical doctrines and teachings.

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