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Interconfessional Marriage and Recognition of Baptism. A Case Study from the Orthodox Church Register in Sighişoara


Due to the fact that the Orthodox Church considers marriage a sacrament, this can only be concluded on the basis of ακρίβεια, when both spouses are orthodox. This case study is looking into the Orthodox Church marriage registers from Sighişoara for marriages of people of other confessions as well as into the baptismal registers, if the non-orthodox were baptized or confirmed (chrismation). From this qualitative case study, one can conclude that, in terms of marriage ceremony and baptism, in the Orthodox Church in Sighişoara/Schäßburg κατ’ οικονομίαν has been dealt with. Children of non-Orthodox parents have been baptized, and non-Orthodox couples have been married without the non-Orthodox being confirmed to Orthodoxy, let alone be (re)baptized.

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