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The ethical dilemmas of research with children from the countries of the Global South. Whose participation?


The article outlines issues in the area of childhood studies and children’s rights that concern the participation of children and adolescents from the countries of the Global South in participatory research. The article presents the ethical aspects and methodo­logical dilemmas of such research, pertaining to engaging children and adolescents in research conducted by adults. Other issues addressed in the text refer to the child’s right to respect, the subjective treatment of children and adolescents (as respondents) as well as the limits of participatory involvement of children in the research process. The article also discusses the ethical dilemmas of research whose methodological approaches and concepts were designed in a different, distinct socio-cultural con­text and can interfere in the life and functioning of the community it is conducted in, including a negative influence on children’s social situation in the future.

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