Remote and automatic monitoring of two Apis Cerana bee colonies was conducted in Indonesia to demonstrate precision beekeeping approach in that region. Successful implementation of the precision beekeeping system includes development of the bee colony monitoring hardware and software for data collection, analysis and visualisation. This paper focuses on development and installation of such systems at the private apiary in Indonesia. For bee colony monitoring at the apiary a developed monitoring unit was used, which is based on ESP microchip, and for the data storage SAMS data warehouse was used. The monitoring results showed that the choice of the location of the temperature sensor is important, as the temperature at the hive sides changes synchronously with the outside temperature. Also, feedback from the beekeeper is collected to further improve the system and monitoring process. This research is conducted within the SAMS – Smart Apiculture Management Services project, which is funded by the European Union within the H2020-ICT-39-2016-2017 call and with close collaboration with the local private beekeeper. To find out more, visit the project website

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