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In situ methanolic solvent synthesis, spectroscopic and thermogravimetric characterizations of three new transition metal complexes of trimethoprim drug


Trimethoprim drug (TMP) complexes of copper (II), cobalt (II), and nickel (II) were prepared and discussed by using elemental analysis (C, H, N analysis), magnetic, molar conductance, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, electron spin resonance (ESR) and UV-vis spectroscopy analyses. TMP drug coordinated as a tridentate ligand towards the respected three metal ions through two nitrogen atoms of amino groups and nitrogen atom of pyrimidine ring which flanked between –NH2 groups, these assignments confirmed by spectroscopic, magnetic, ESR and thermogravimetric analyses with formulas [Cu(TMP)(H2O)3]Cl2, [Co(TMP)(H2O)3]Cl2 and [Ni(TMP) (H2O)]Cl2. Copper (II) and cobalt (II) complexes have an octahedral geometrical structure included one TMP molecule, three coordinated water molecules and two uncoordinated chlorine atoms while, nickel(II)–TMP complex has a tetrahedral geometric configuration that involved one TMP molecule, one coordinated water molecule and two uncoordinated chlorine atoms. The activation energies and other kinetic thermodynamic parameters were estimated based on the employed of the Coats-Redfern and Horowitz-Metzger equations. The nano–structured form of the synthesized TMP complexes was confirmed dependent on the transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

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