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Comparative Study on NH3-SCR of High Entropy Mineral Catalytic Materials for Different Ratios of Rare Earth Concentrate/Rare Earth Tailing


A series of high-entropy mineral catalytic materials were obtained by mixing rare earth tailings containing Fe oxide and rare earth concentrate rich in Ce in Baiyun Obo in different proportions, and by acid-base leaching and microwave roasting. The effects of different proportions of mixed rare earth minerals on the denitrification activity of the samples were analyzed by various techniques, including XRD, EDS and SEM. The mineral phase structure and surface morphology of the catalysts were analyzed. The surface properties of the samples were tested by TPD and XPS methods. The denitrification activity of the sample was simultaneously evaluated and compared in the microreactor. The results show that the denitration efficiency of the active powder is the best when the mixing ratio of rare earth tailings/rare earth concentrate is 1:1, the denitration rate can reach 82%. In summary, different proportions of optimization are extremely effective methods to improve catalyst performance.

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