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Investigation of the inhibitory-bactericidal effect of amidoamine-based inorganic complexes against microbiological and atmospheric corrosion


In the process, inorganic complexes of amidoamines obtained from the interaction of natural petroleum acid and oleic acids with diethylenetriamine have been developed and their effectiveness as inhibitor-bactericides has been investigated. The effect of the synthesized reagents on the kinetics of the corrosion process of steel and the activity of sulphate-reducing bacteria in 3% NaCl solution saturated with CO2 and in the biphasic water–isopropyl alcohol medium with H2S dissolved has been analyzed. The thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the corrosion process were calculated. The adsorption of the complexes was investigated using the Langmuir isotherm and the correlation constant was determined. State of the metal surface was investigated by SEM method in CO2 and H2S media, with and without inhibitors, and the metal surface contact of complexes was studied by computer molecular simulation.

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