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Studies on the deactivation of Ti-MCM-41 catalyst in the process of allyl alcohol epoxidation


The synthesis of Ti-MCM-41 catalyst was performed. The obtained catalyst was characterized by the following instrumental methods: UV-vis, IR spectroscopy, XRD, and X-ray microanalysis. The activity of the obtained catalyst was tested in the process of allyl alcohol epoxidation with 30 wt.% hydrogen peroxide in methanol as a solvent and under atmospheric pressure. In the next stage, recovery of Ti-MCM-41 catalyst from the post-reaction mixture and its regeneration by washing with appropriate solvents and drying were conducted. In the case of total loss of the activity of the catalyst, calcination of the catalyst was also carried out. The loss of titanium from the structure of Ti-MCM-41 catalyst and a partial collapsing of the structure of this catalyst can be the main reason of the decrease the activity of the catalyst what was manly visible in the decrease of the values of two functions of this process: the allyl alcohol conversion and conversion of hydrogen peroxide to organic compounds.

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