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Novel Speed Sensorless DTC Design for a Five-Phase Induction Motor with an Intelligent Fractional Order Controller Based-MRAS Estimator


This paper presents a fractional-order adaptive mechanism-based model reference adaptive system (MRAS) configuration for speed estimation of sensorless direct torque control (DTC) of a five-phase induction motor. In effect, the fractional-order proportional-integral (FOPI) controller parameters are obtained by the particle swarm optimisation (PSO) algorithm to enhance the MRAS observer response. Thus, the developed algorithm in the speed loop control of the DTC strategy to increase its robustness against disturbances. Moreover, a comparative study has been done of the proposed MRAS-PSO/FOPI speed estimator with the conventional MRAS-proportional-integral (PI) and the PSO-based MRAS-PI. Simulation results have carried out of the different controllers used in the adaptation mechanism of the MRAS estimator, to show the performance and robustness of the proposed MRAS-PSO/FOPI algorithm in use.

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