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Application of Spectral and Wavelet Analysis of Stator Current to Detect Angular Misalignment in PMSM Drive Systems


This paper deals with the selected methods of detecting angular misalignment in drive systems with a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), which are based on the analysis of the stator phase current signal, as well as their experimental verification and comparison. The proposed and compared methods are spectral analysis and wavelet analysis of the stator current, stator current envelope, stator current space vector module. Furthermore, the influence of power supply frequency and load torque on the performance of the proposed diagnostic methods is also discussed. The experimental tests were carried out for an undamaged motor and for two levels of angular misalignment. The article discusses the question of exactly what damage symptoms can be extracted from each of the methods. In the case of spectral analyses, it is demonstrated which multiplicities of the failure frequency are the most sensitive to misalignment and the least sensitive to changes in motor operating condition, which may be considered novel in the case of drive systems with permanent magnet motors. It is also proven that discrete wavelet transform (DWT) of the envelope and monitoring of the value of the relevant components allows the detection of misalignment with the availability of measuring current only in one phase in various motor operating conditions.

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