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Design and Simulation of Cyclic Battery Tester


The paper presents an approach to the modelling of a cyclic battery tester and contains observations about lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, charging/discharging procedures, conditions and protections which must be observed during the testing process. The main goal was to create and simulate a schematic which will be capable of cyclically testing Li-ion battery cells. Regulation of the final schematic is based on cascade connections of operation amplifiers, which work as a voltage source with current-limiting functions. The power part is created by two MOSFETs connected as a half-bridge. This topology allows current to flow in both directions (from and to the battery). Final simulation is supplemented by protections such as reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and overvoltage protection during charging. Proper operation of the whole connection is demonstrated by the simulation outputs in the final section.

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