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Where Law and Digital Health Care Meet…


The modern information and communication tools and technologies of the 21st century open up new opportunities for patients and healthcare providers, thus contributing to human health, reducing the number of morbidities and premature deaths.

The application of modern technology in healthcare has resulted in a number of positive changes, but it has also been subject to multiple challenges, including legal dilemmas in this area: e.g. data management, data security and data protection, access to eHealth, etc.

After a brief introduction to the legal history of healthcare and the presentation of key statistics related to the current digital situation, the main objective of the present work is to analyze the relationship between health digitalization and law.

One of the key issues for successful healing in all historical eras is the legal protection and respect of patients and healthcare workers in the face of changes in the modern world. For this reason, it is important to address this unusual dimension of health care.

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