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Famous Hungarian Chemists and Pharmacists from Transylvania: 150 years since the birth of Pál Scheitz, collaborator of Professor Lajos Ilosvay


Several Transylvanian chemists and pharmacists have played an important role in the development and advancement of modern Hungarian chemical sciences. Regarding these prominent personalities we paid tribute in our series to the career and role of Lajos Ilosvay, Lajos Winkler and Tibor Széki in Budapest, Hungary. Pál Scheitz who was born 150 years ago in Marosvásárhely/Târgu-Mures worked at the Chemistry Institute of Professor Lajos Ilosvay. After graduating from the University of Munich and earning a PhD degree, he worked at the University of Kolozsvár/Cluj for a short period of time after which he pursued a full-time academic career at the Budapest University of Technology for the rest of his life. During his relatively short life (1870-1912) he managed to produce some outstanding works in the field of analytical chemistry. His most significant work is a contemporary book on methods of qualitative chemical analysis, which was printed in two editions. His studies and investigations of litmus dyes are also significant, which are still considered to be the most comprehensive studies of the Hungarian scientific literature.

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