Finding the appropriate treatment for advanced rectal cancer patients represents a challenge for surgeons. Determining the right diagnosis and the proper treatment requires multidisciplinary collaboration. Our aim is to present a case with advanced stage rectum cancer, who received successful multidisciplinary treatment.

Material and method

A prospective multidisciplinary research is being conducted at our Department from 2018 within which patients with malignant rectal cancer are examined. Patients’ treatment is realized by the same multidisciplinary team. The patient’s preoperative investigations included MRI and a lymph node map designated by radiologists.


In case of a 60-year-old patient the preoperative MRI showed a stenotic formation in the middle level of the rectum that penetrated the seminal vesicle. During surgery, we found a 10x10 cm stenotic, perforated rectal cancer, which penetrated the bladder, seminal vesicle, prostate and sacrum, respectively a metastatic lesion in the livers 8th segment. During surgery R2 recto-sigmoid resection was performed with colostomy. The patient was mobilized on the first postoperative day and bowel movements were regained on the second day. The patient left the hospital on the eighth postoperative day.


Adequate treatment of patients with advanced rectal cancer can be achieved only through multidisciplinary co-operation. Preoperative radiological examinations are mandatory. A map representing the positive colorectal lymph nodes, implemented by the radiologists, can significantly help the surgeons and pathologists.

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