Nowadays detection of deterioration of electrical motors is an important topic of research. Vibration signals often carry diagnostic information of a motor. The authors proposed a setup for the analysis of vibration signals of three-phase induction motors. In this paper rotor fault diagnostic techniques of a three-phase induction motor (TPIM) were presented. The presented techniques used vibration signals and signal processing methods. The authors analyzed the recognition rate of vibration signal readings for 3 states of the TPIM: healthy TPIM, TPIM with 1 broken bar, and TPIM with 2 broken bars. In this paper the authors described a method of the feature extraction of vibration signals Method of Selection of Amplitudes of Frequencies – MSAF-12. Feature vectors were obtained using FFT, MSAF-12, and mean of vector sum. Three methods of classification were used: Nearest Neighbor (NN), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), and Linear Support Vector Machine (LSVM). The obtained results of analyzed classifiers were in the range of 97.61 % – 100 %.

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