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The saga of women’s status in ancient Indian civilization

   | Jul 31, 2019
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Miscellanea Geographica
Thematic Issue: History and space: challenges, methods, applications. Editors: Piotr Werner, Izabela Gołębiowska, Izabela Karsznia


Foundation of human civilization and endorsement of its potency are the consequences of prolonged women endeavor, which through its history of superiority and confinement, convey the picturesque of civilization. Since ages, the Indian societal structure has played an active role in stimulating the trends of change in women’s status, which with time also proved to be hindrance to the progress of this country. In this context, the study has attempted to emphasize the women’s status in ancient Indian civilization based on the ancient scripts and texts. The ancient era has been categorized into four distinct periods viz. the Vedic period, the Epic period, the period of Jainism and Buddhism and the age of Dharmaśāstras, Mánusmṛiti onward. The study has portrayed the relegation of the women’s dignified role and position entirely to a subservient one from Vedic period to the period of Dharmaśāstras, Mánusmṛiti onward.

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