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Developing the National Consulting Index: An Update on How to Estimate the Size of National Management Consulting Sectors

   | Jun 14, 2022


The National Consulting Index (NCI) is a means of determining the strength of a national management consulting sector, relative to other countries. It was first created in 2017 following research and analysis conducted by the author and a team at the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. This paper provides an update to the NCI, taking into account market conditions in the Covid era and using multiple regression to strengthen the NCI formula.

The outputs of the research are a) an update of the NCI formula, showing a higher degree of fit with the data than previously experienced, and b) the ability to provide estimates of MC market sizes for any country where other data points are known. In the case of the NCI calculation outlined in this paper, these data points are Gross Domestic Product, Hofstede Individual-Collective culture, eGovernment index, and the Global Innovation Index.