Currently, problems related to the operation and exploitation of safe gas distribution networks are deepening in Latvia and Eastern Europe, as the number of outworn underground gas pipelines is steadily increasing. It should be noted that there is a rather wide choice of technology and materials for gas distribution pipeline reconstruction, while at the same time there is no universal method that equally meets all possible work requirements. Therefore, it is an urgent task to understand the operational algorithm, while choosing optimal reconstruction option, classifying and determining the criteria affecting the choice, and determining the scope of each reconstruction method. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a scientifically based methodology for selecting the optimal method for the reconstruction of outworn gas distribution pipelines. Therefore, there are the following tasks that need to be accomplished: to carry out a complex analysis of reconstruction methods and factors determining the choice of an optimal gas distribution pipeline reconstruction method as well as perform the analysis of current state and development of gas supply network; to develop an algorithm for selecting an optimal gas distribution pipeline reconstruction method based on a multi-criteria approach; to develop a mathematical model for the selection of an optimal reconstruction method and scientifically based complex evaluation procedures taking into account technical and economic criteria; to analyse the interaction of the polyethylene gas pipeline with the steel frame during the post-reconstruction process using U-shaped pipe; to develop recommendations for the optimisation of gas distribution network reconstruction programmes. As a result of these tasks, a scientifically justified methodology for the selection of an optimal method for the reconstruction of the gas distribution pipes has been developed.

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