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Optimisation of Permanent Magnets of Bioreactor Magnetic Coupling while Preserving their Efficiency


The paper discusses issues related to the optimisation of magnetic couplings used in bioreactors (manufactured by JSC “Biotehniskais Centrs”). The purpose of optimisation was to preserve the maximum breakaway torque of the magnetic coupling while reducing the mass of rare earth elements used in its structure. The paper presents the rationale for the selected optimisation option taking into account the economic aspect. To solve the optimisation problem, the factors affecting the maximum torque of the magnetic coupling, such as the shape and height of the internal and external magnets, the angle of the external and internal magnets, as well as the height of the internal and external yoke, were determined. The design of the existing magnetic coupling was optimised and its prototype was made based on the results of optimisation. The results obtained by means of optimisation were compared with the results obtained experimentally by testing the manufactured prototype.

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Physics, Technical and Applied Physics