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Investigating the Effect of Distance and Diameter Ratio of Elliptical Piles on the Amount of Force Exerted by Waves in the Pile Groups with Regular Layout


Today, advanced countries compete enormously for further exploitation in the offshore area, for its enormous fresh resources and space. Therefore, these competitions will double the importance of these types of structures. As it is known, the most important part in the design of the offshore structures is the design of the piles on which the structure will be placed. Engineers have always been trying to build these types of structures with the least cost and the highest safety factor. In this research, the effect of distance and the ratio of the elliptical pile diameters on the strength of the pile group was evaluated using numerical modeling. Five different states of diameter ratios including: 1.2, 1.4, 2, 2.5, 3 and five different distance ratios were investigated. The results demonstrate that with the increase in the diameter ratio, the amount of force decreases while it increases as the distance ratio rises.

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