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Value Creation by Support Organizations Through the Prism of Conflicting Institutional Logics


The article sets out to explore how conflicting institutional logics of support organizations influence their value creation. Value creation undertaken by support organizations does not directly reflect their missions. Even though one can generalize that all support organizations should adjust their offer according to the idea of helping companies (especially small- and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs]) in their development, support organizations very often struggle with the conflict between mission delivery and survival needs, which affects value proposition of services. Moreover, support organizations are also shaped by institutional logics, which, embedded in social systems, govern all social agents. Therefore, the study explains the challenge of value creation from the perspective of the conflict of competing institutional logics that govern support organizations. The study also has its academic impact by contributing to existing literature on value creation by support organizations through the use of institutional logic theory. To gain this knowledge, discourse analysis is utilized in the study.