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Effect of selected morphometric characteristics on the incidence of wind damage to forest in the Low Tatras Mts. (Slovakia)


The paper addresses the occurrence of incidental felling caused by wind in relation to selected morphometric characteristics. The investigation was conducted in the Nízke Tatry Mts. and Kozie chrbty Mts. (Slovakia) in the period of 1984–2003. A frequency of incidental felling in response to the elementary morphometric factors - altitude, slope and aspect – was evaluated. The assessment was based on the probability analysis. The results describe the probability of incidental felling occurrence in the prescribed categories of used morphometric factors across the study area. The most susceptible forest stands were found to be distributed in the elevation range from 731 – 1,120 m a.s.l. (48.13% of the research area); on slopes less than 58% (75.89% of the research area); with the aspect from 106 to 40° (53.06% of the research area). The proposed methodology can be used for the assessment of the effect of diverse factors on the occurrence of incidental felling caused by various forest disturbances. The results can be used as input data for risk models supporting forest management.

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