Attractions are crucial in contributing to the overall satisfaction of visitors in tourism, and ensuring the satisfaction of visitors is key to the sustenance of attractions at destinations. Therefore, this study sought to ascertain the extent to which visitors are satisfied with the service dimensions at Kakum National Park (KNP), and to ascertain whether service dimensions vary with visitors’ socio-demographic characteristics. The study adopted a cross-sectional field survey and sampled 367 respondents for data collection using a questionnaire. Data were analysed via the mean scores and standard deviation. Independent t-tests and ANOVA were used to explore the difference between dimensions of satisfaction and socio-demographic characteristics of visitors. The study found that some satisfaction dimensions at the KNP in the Central region of Ghana vary with certain socio-demographic characteristics of visitors, namely age, continent of origin and level of education, at p-value ≤ 0.05. Visitors were found to be satisfied with all measured dimensions except the price. The study therefore recommends that the management of the attractions adopt conscious service strategies to enrich the experience of visitors in order to ensure better value for their money. This study’s findings expand knowledge about visitor satisfaction and how satisfaction dimensions vary with socio-demographic characteristics at destinations.