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Examining the Effects of Sustainable Organizational Culture on Academic Achievement


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of faculty culture perceptions of students on their academic achievement. Within the scope of the study, academic achievement was measured only with the Grade Point Average (GPA). Cultural perceptions were measured through organizational structure, commitment, symbols, power distance, and communication/relationship dimensions. The data was gathered from senior students in a business school operating in a public university in Turkey. Participants consist of the students who study in 2011–2012, 2012–2013 (questionnaires were completed before graduation), and 2018–2019 periods. A total of 359 valid questionnaire forms were obtained. 42 of the questionnaire forms were eliminated by the control questions included in the questionnaire. Within this scope, 111 questionnaire forms from 2011/2012, 163 from 2012/2013, and 85 from the 2018/2019 period were obtained as valid questionnaire forms. The data was collected by the random sampling method using convenience sampling. According to research findings, only the commitment dimension of the organizational culture positively predicted students’ academic achievement. Conversely, it was found that other dimensions of organizational culture didn’t predict students’ academic achievement. Findings were discussed and suggestions were presented for practitioners and future research.

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