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An Improved Product Recommender System Using Collaborative Filtering and a Comparative Study of ML Algorithms


One of the methods most frequently used to recommend films is collaborative filtering. We examine the potential of collaborative filtering in our paper’s discussion of product suggestions. In addition to utilizing collaborative filtering in a new application, the proposed system will present a better technique that focuses especially on resolving the cold start issue. The suggested system will compute similarity using the Pearson Correlation Coefficient (PCC). Collaborative filtering that uses PCC suffers from the cold start problem or a lack of information on new users to generate useful recommendations. The proposed system solves the issue of cold start by gauging each new user by certain arbitrary parameters and recommending based on the choices of other users in that demographic. The proposed system also solves the issue of users’ reluctance to provide ratings by implementing a keyword-based perception system that will aid users in finding the right product for them.

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