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AllerScreener – A Server for Allergenicity and Cross-Reactivity Prediction

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
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Allergenicity of proteins is a subtle property encoded in their structures. The prediction of allergenicity of novel proteins saves time and resources for subsequent experimental work. In the host antigen-presenting cells, the allergens are processed as antigens by the means of Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) class II proteins. Sometimes, people allergic to a given protein show allergic reaction to a different protein, even when the two proteins have different routes of exposure. This phenomenon is termed cross-reactivity. Here, we describe a server for allergenicity and cross-reactivity prediction based on the abilities of allergenic proteins to generate binders to HLA class II proteins. The generated peptides are compared to HLA binders originating from known allergens. As a result, the server returns a list of common binders, origin proteins, and species. Different species generate common HLA binders and this determines their cross-reactivity. The server is named AllerScreener and is freely accessible at:

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