Based on the simplified fish motion model, a robot fish which could detect the oil leakage point of pipeline was designed by the method of single-joint driving. The Hawkeye OV7725 was used to design the image acquisition module to obtain the current movement of the fish and the current pipeline situation and the collected data was processed for making the relevant decisions to achieve the direction of movement control with the STM32 microcontroller. On the basis of binarization image centroid method, the image recognition algorithm was studied. By using the coordinates of the white point in the two-dimensional array, a linear regression equation which can reflect the distribution trend of the white point in a frame image was designed and the motion direction of the current robot could be detected. Since the linear regression equation converge to the characteristics of discrete data points, the oil leakage point inside the white area of the image could be detected. Experiment results showed that the robot fish can effectively complete the oil spill point detection task.

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