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Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Based on a Filter for Four-Wheel Omni-Directional Mobile Robots


Since there are usually parameter uncertainties and influence of the exogenous disturbances on the dynamic model of a four-wheel omni-directional mobile robot (FOMR), the traditional strategy for motion control has not good performance. A sliding mode control based on an adaptive approach and a filter (AFSMC) is presented in this paper. First, according to identifying the reaching gain by a Radial Basis Function based neural network, and combining a filter, AFSMC can reduce the inherent impact that is produced by the normal sliding mode control. Second, the adaptive approach is applied to deal with the uncertainties and the influence of exogenous disturbances. Numerical simulations are carried out to assess the performance of the controller. All the simulation results indicate that the proposed control strategy is efficient to solve the problem.

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