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Remembering Yugoslavia: Board Game Monopoly and Cultural Memory

   | Dec 17, 2020


The article is dedicated to exploring the relationship between board games and cultural memory, the board game in question being a version of Monopoly which was published in Yugoslavia in 1986. To address this question, I conducted several interviews with interlocutors who used to play the Yugoslavian version of Monopoly and grew up in the eighties or in the nineties. Apart from exploring Monopoly as a metaphor and showing the specifics of the Yugoslavian version, the article aims to outline the potential of a board game to reproduce traces of cultural memory and how these traces are interpreted differently according to the generational and socio-historical background of the interlocutors included in my research. Moreover, the purpose of my article is to show that board games should not be analyzed only in terms of their physical attributes, fields and the playing cards they include, but also with regard to their reception.