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Original Research Article Milk Yield and Feed Conversion of Sokoto Gudali Cows Fed Elephant Grass Ensiled with Cassava Peel


Year-round availability of feed is a major concern for dairy farmers in many parts of the tropics. Silage making is a reliable means of providing feed for dairy cattle during periods of forage scarcity. In this study, Elephant grass (EG) (Pennisetum purpureum) was ensiled with cassava peel (CSP) at 0, 10, 30 and 50% levels of inclusion on a wet basis. At 21, 42 and 63 days of ensiling, silage samples were taken for chemical analysis and the remaining materials were fed to four lactating Sokoto Gudali cows for a period of 84 days using a Latin square design. Dry matter (DM) content of silage mixtures increased from 18.22 to 28.70% as level of CSP in the silage mixture increased while crude protein (7.33 to 6.08%) and crude fibre (32.80 to 23.95%) decreased. Dry matter intake of cows, milk yield and feed conversion ratio (FCR) varied (P < 0.05) with inclusion of cassava peel in the silage mixtures. Dry matter intake of cows increased from 2.56 to 3.84% of body weight (BW) and milk yield from 2.90 to 6.70 kg/d as proportion of CSP in the grass silage increased. Feed conversion ratio of cows ranged from 2.08 to 3.23 and improved with inclusion of CSP in the silage. These results show that addition of cassava peel to Elephant grass silage improved intake and milk production in Sokoto Gudali cows fed Elephant grass silage.

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