The purpose of this study is to apply one of the decision-making methods, namely the fuzzy-TOPSIS method, to determine the best alternative of coconut fermentation in process of making Pliek-U, which is a typical powder made of coconut and is used for traditional cooking recipes by people in Aceh Province, Indonesia. The weight of fuzzy criteria and judgments about alternative methods of coconut fermentation was used to calculate the sensory evaluation scores and Pliek-U quality ratings. It can help to determine the quality of the Pliek-U. Sensory evaluation results for the quality of Pliek-U using the fuzzy-TOPSIS method showed that the most ideal alternative of the coconut fermentation method in the process of making Pliek-U is the 10-day coconut fermentation method, because it had the highest closeness coefficient (0.7484) in contrast to the 7-day coconut fermentation method (0.5425), and 4-day coconut fermentation method (0.3291). The fuzzy-TOPSIS method utilization was beneficial for generating the sensory multi-criteria assessment calculations through weighting, so that the process of determining consumer acceptance of the product assessed became easier and faster.

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