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Application of Structured Plant Oils in Selected Food Products


The joint statutory recommendations developed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the greater consumer awareness, and environmental considerations confirm the need to reduce the consumption of saturated fatty acids in the human diet. This has contributed to the development of innovative methods for replacement of saturated fats in food products. Oleogels obtained with various methods are such an alternative. Therefore, the study was focused on the analysis of the current applications of oleogels in selected food products and elucidation of the mechanisms of oleogel formation. As indicated by many researchers, oleogels (structured oils) can replace trans and saturated fats in food products and can be used in the production of spreads as well as bakery, confectionery, and dairy products. However, there are still many challenges and technological problems preventing commercial application of oleogels in the industry. It is also important to develop oleogels with higher physical and antioxidant stability, which will be used in a wide range of food products manufactured in varying production conditions and give the final products the desired sensory properties. Nevertheless, given its nutritional and environmental values, oleogelation has great potential for future industrial use.