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Assessment of Crack Growth and Fatigue Life of an Axial Fan Blade Based on a Co-Simulation Approach


This paper presents static and dynamic stress analyses of an axial fan blade, which were carried out under real-life centrifugal and aerodynamic loading conditions using the Abaqus software. The location of the crack was identified on the pressure side of the blade at the conjunction between the blade and the blade root. It reveals a high agreement between the predicted location of stress distribution and the real origin of the crack location. Furthermore, a fracture mechanics criterion was adopted to simulate fatigue crack growth. This was performed using a fracture analysis FRANC3D code for three-dimensional problems. As a result, the calculated stress intensity factors (SIFs) were presented for the first steps, and the fatigue life of the fan blade was evaluated using the Forman de Koning model at different stress ratios.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials