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Effect of Chemical Composition of Boriding Agent on the Optimization of Surface Hardness and Layer Thickness on AISI 8620 Steel by Solid and Liquid Boriding Processes


Surfaces of cam shafts made of AISI 8620 steels were hardened by boriding processes in both solid and liquid mediums. Various chemical agents were used to achieve boride layers on the surfaces of the cam shafts in these processes. It was aimed to examine effects of the chemical agents on microhardness and thickness of the boride layers obtained. It was concluded that a bath composition of 5% B4C-90% SiC-5% KBF4 was appropriate for the hardest and thickest boride layer achieved in the solid medium, and a composition of 70% Na2B4O7-30% B4C in the liquid medium.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials