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Novel Mechanically Stable, Heat Resistant and Nonflammable Functionalized Polystyrene/Expanded Graphite Nanocomposites


This study examined effect of inclusion of expanded graphite (Exp-G) on morphology, thermal, mechanical and flame retardant properties of PS, nitro-substituted polystyrene (N-PS) and amino-functional polystyrene (A-PS). FESEM showed exfoliated sheet morphology due to intercalation of N-PS and A-PS in expanded galleries. Tensile strength of A-PS materials (31.5-56.9 MPa) was higher than PS and N-PS. 10 % weight loss of A-PS nanocomposites (482-518 °C) was higher relative to pristine polymer and other nanocomposites. Cone calorimetry results revealed that there was lowering in PHHR of A-PS nanocomposites with 0.5 wt.% filler (428 kW/m2), while PS nanocomposites showed PHHR of 443 kW/m2.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials