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A new cyst-forming nematode, Cactodera tianzhuensis n. sp. (Nematoda:Heteroderinae) from Polygonum viviparum in China with a key to the Genus Cactodera


A new cyst-forming nematode, Cactodera tianzhuensis n. sp. was isolated from the rhizosphere soil of Polygonum viviparum L. in Tianzhu county, China. Morphologically, the new species is characterized by lemon-shaped or rounded cysts that have protruding necks and vulval cones. The vulval cone of the new species appeared to be circumfenestrate without bullae and underbridge, vulval denticle present and anus distinct. Second-stage juveniles are vermiform, stylet well-developed with the rounded stylet knobs to slightly concave anteriorly. Lateral field with four incisures. Tail gradually tapering to a finely rounded terminus with a length of ca 54 (47–59) µm, outline of hyaline portion is V-shaped or U-shaped. Egg shells without visible markings or punctations. The phylogenetic analyses based on ITS-rDNA, D2-D3 of 28S-rDNA clearly revealed that the new species formed a separate clade from other Cactodera species, which further support the unique status of C. tianzhuensis n. sp. Therefore, it is described herein as a new species of the genus Cactodera.

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