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Description of Gracilacus paralatescens n. sp. (Nematoda:Paratylenchinae) found from the rhizosphere of Bamboo in Zhejiang, China


Gracilacus paralatescens n. sp., isolated in Anji County, Zhejiang Province, China from the rhizospheric soil of bamboo. The new species can be characterized by the female lateral field with three incisures, stylet 71.5 to 78.8 µm long, lip region truncated, excretory pore located anterior to basal knobs. Vulval lips non-protruding and without vulval flap, spermatheca large, elongated squarish shaped filled with sperms. Tail slender, relatively straight having wedge shape terminus. The spicule slender, slightly curved and 17.5 to 18.9 µm long. In the phylogenetic analysis based on 18S, D2-D3 of 28S and ITS regions of rDNA, the new species is clustered with Paratylenchid species having longer stylet length. Morphologically, the new species belongs to Group 9 of Paratylenchus sensu lato and is most similar to G. latescens.

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