Introduction: Pediculosis is a parasitic disease that can spread among children but it can also affect adults. It is not necessarily the result of neglected or poor hygiene. Infection with head lice can occur not only in large clusters of children but also in salons providing cosmetic or hairdressing services. Despite easy access to various pharmacological agents, pediculosis can be a challenging problem to combat.

Case report: The paper presents a case of a 4-year-old boy in whom the methods of eliminating lice, used independently by his mother at home, ended in failure each time. The family turned to a trichologist for help.

Conclusions: Supporting the diagnosis with the use of a micro-camera can eliminate misdiagnosed cases of head lice in the presence of dandruff, scabs, or various types of scalp impurities. This will be important in preventing the unnecessary implementation of treatment, which may change the resistance patterns of lice to agents generally available in pharmacies, thus affecting the effectiveness of head lice treatment.

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